Articles & Publications
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Trappe, Castellano, & al
  • Truffle Publications

    Walt Sundberg

  • Building your Mushroom Memory

    Mariana Bornholdt

  • Talking In Toadstool
  • How to Make a Spore Print
  • The Tiny World of the Hand Lens

    Jarmie, Rogers, & Balice

  • Los Alamos Fungus Studies

    Jim Young

  • Dusty's First Foray

    John Rahart

  • Preserving Harvested Mushrooms

    David Wallis

  • Campsite Copy of Fungi Magazine

    Larry Weingarten

  • I Grow Mushrooms - a Cultivation Primer

    Horace Simms

  • A Floristic Study of the Basidiomycetes of the Sandia Mountains  (43 mb pdf)
    Horace Simms presented this Thesis in 1962 for his MS in Biology at the University of New Mexico. In the document's introduction, Simms stated that "with the exception of the forest pathological species listed by the USFS, this thesis now represents the only record of the Basidiomycetes of the Sandia Mountains." (1962)
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