Los Alamos Fungus Studies
Available on the Web are publications describing Los Alamos Fungus Studies conducted by Nelson Jarmie, Fran Rogers, and Randy Balice.
A Survey of Macromycete Diversity at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bandelier National Monument, and Los Alamos County - A Preliminary Report - Nelson Jarmie & Fran J. Rogers
Paper contents through Appendix B7: LA-13384-MS
Databases: - Appendices C, D, E, & F
Distributions and Diversity of Fungal Species in and Adjacent to the Los Alamos National Laboratory - Randy G. Balice, Nelson Jarmie, and Fran J. Rogers: LA-13385-MS
Cerro Grande Post-Burn Study
  • Study Proposal
  • Survey Form
  • Map of Study Area

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