Upcoming NMMS Meetings & Outings

September 19 in Santa Fe: NMMS' next Santa Fe meeting will at the Loma Encantada clubhouse (our regular meeting place) on Saturday, 19 Sept, from 4-6 pm. We look forward to a visit from Michael Castellano, who will talk to us about hypogeous fungi (truffles).
  Since some members like to bring food to share at Santa Fe meetings, we will allow time to serve food and beverages at the beginning of the meeting, and will aim for 4:45 to begin the program. If you arrive late to this meeting, please keep in mind that the program may be under way and enter the clubhouse quietly to minimize disruption of the presentation.

Field Trips: Dr Castellano has invited NMMS members to accompany him on field trips during his visit to New Mexico — before and after the meeting. Other than a trip to Mount Taylor on Friday the 18th, at this time we do not have definite plans for our other daily outings. As soon as we work out a schedule, we will post dates, destinations, and other details on the NMMS Members' Forum.

Other Meetings: NMMS' last two regular meetings for 2015 will be in Albuquerque on October 6 and November 3.

Holiday Potluck

NMMS traditionally holds a Holiday Potluck around mid-December. For the last two years, Barbara Marigold and Jim Thomas have hosted this event at their home near Madrid NM. If you want to volunteer to host this year's gathering, please let us know.

Officers for 2o16

Our November meeting should include the election of next year's officers. If you would like to hold office or if you are willing to serve on this year's nominating committee, please let us know. Remember that this is YOUR club and that serving in office or on a committee is a good way to acknowledge that ownership.
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