Information for NMMS Members

Upcoming NMMS Meeting
  Tuesday, November 3 in Albuquerque: NMMS' next meeting will be tomorrow evening at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. The "program" will be a members' slide show. If you have some relevant digital photos, stick 10 or so on a thumb drive and bring them to share at the meeting.

Holiday Potluck
  NMMS traditionally holds a Holiday Potluck around mid-December in someone's home. One member has offered a conference room at a business office for this year's event. We may accept this generous offer, although it would be nice to continue the tradition to meet at a member's house. If your home is spacious enough to accommodate 30 or so people and you are willing to volunteer to host this year's gathering, please let us know.

Update: Soon after I emailed this message I received two three offers from members willing to host the Potluck, the first of which I accepted. Details of our holiday gathering are available on the NMMS Members' Forum.

Officers for 2o16
  I would like to thank Lauren Matsui and Chris Enright for volunteering for this year's Nominating Committee. They have been working diligently to recruit officers for next year, but at last report have come up a bit short. I had hoped that at our November meeting we could hold elections of next year's officers. However we presently have only one person offering to serve in office, and we need four.
  Please consider serving in office next year. Remember that this is YOUR club and that serving in office or on a committee is a good way to acknowledge that ownership.

Bylaws Changes
  The NMMS Board approved some significant changes and improvements to the NMMS Bylaws. Ratifying these changes requires a vote of the NMMS membership. An online poll and the current and new versions of the Bylaws are posted on the NMMS Members' Forum. (Members will need to login to the Forum to view these files and vote.) I will bring printed versions of the current and proposed Bylaws to Tuesday's meeting, and we will conclude voting at the December meeting.

Website Changes
  During the last couple of years I have heard numerous complaints about the websites supporting NMMS: the "original" site and the more recent Members' Forum. Many of these criticisms stem from the confusion resulting from reliance on two sites rather than just one. I will acknowledge that the current web support situation is indeed confusing and that some of the criticism is justified.
  As a way to reduce the confusion, I am working toward the club's providing pertinent information (meeting dates, foray information, member lists, etc.) on the Members' Forum. I will continue to provide archival information on "my" site (NMMS' original site). I will send out more information about these changes later.
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