Information for NMMS Members

Upcoming NMMS Meeting
  The NMMS Board is currently working on a meeting schedule for this year. Members can expect the first regular meeting in early March. A meeting schedule should be available on the NMMS website: .

Officers for 2o17
  NMMS held a planning meeting the end of last month. Going into the meeting, no officers were present. However, Foray Chair Jean Hafner and 2nd past president David Wallis were there to represent the Board. Remarkably the gathering concluded with a full Board. To see who will be doing what, visit\history\board~h.htm .

NMMS Annual Foray
  Jim Werbel, who just moved to NM from Iowa last year, agreed to succeed Jean Hafner as Chair of the Foray Committee. Jim announced that the committee already has the dates and place set for this year's big event. NMMS will return to Sipapu Ski Resort, where it held Forays in 2oo2, 2o1o, and 2o15. The dates will be 24-27 August 2o17, which is the weekend following the Telluride Mushroom Festival.

Other News

NAMA Annual Foray
  NAMA's big event this year will be at the Lakewoods Resort in Cable, Wisconsin. Dates are 7-10 September 2o17. Attendance will be limited to 350 NAMA members, and registration should begin soon. Check NAMA's website for the most current details: .

NAMA Regional Foray
  The Arizona Mushroom Society will be hosting a NAMA Regional Foray 10-13 August 2o17. The location is Pinetop (AZ), 150 miles or so east of Phoenix. Check back to the MycoWest Events page for future details: .
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