Valles Caldera Mycoblitz
  19-21 July 2o13 CANCELLED

The Fire in the Valles Caldera necessitates the cancellation of this event. We will try again in 2o14.
NMMS will promptly reimburse those who paid to participate.


  • Valles Caldera Science & Education Center (SEC) in Jemez Springs
  • Valles Caldera National Preserve (VCNP)

    Important Details

  • Limited to 24 Participants
  • The New Mexico Mycological Society is sponsoring and organizing this event, thus Current NMMS members have participatory priority.
  • No Pets! - The Valles Caldera Trust does not allow pets (other than Relf's dragonflies) on the Preserve.
  • Registration Deadline: June 20 Cancelled

  • Registration Form
  • Schedule
  • Participants


  • Relf Price - Los Alamos
  • David & Terri Wallis - Albuquerque
  • Melissa & Randy Balice - Los Alamos
    Contact: David Wallis

      NMMS Member Relf Price has the Valles Caldera research permit under which this Fungal Survey will be conducted. To show his appreciation for folks' offering to participate, Relf plans to purchase T-shirts for participants. (He assures us that they will be 100% cotton.) Please include your T-shirt size in the space provided on the Registration Form.

    Cost - the per person fee includes

  • 6 meals (Fri Dinner – Sunday Lunch)
  • Room for 2 nights (Fri & Sat)
  • Single Occupancy: $220
  • Double Occupancy: $150 per person

    During the Survey
      We will follow collecting guidelines while on the Valles Caldera. These will include

  • Working in teams of 2-4 people.
  • Photographing all specimens in situ. This will require some participants' using their own digital cameras. Please note on the Registration Form if you have a camera you are willing to use.
  • Recording co÷rdinates of each collection. We will (probably) use USNG (or MGRS) co÷rdinates based on the WGS84 (NAD83) datum. Please note on the Registration Form if you have a GPS receiver you are willing to use, and be familiar with setting it to the above options. (If uncertain, we can address this on Friday evening.)
    dmw . 2o13-o6-17