Outings: Hikes & Mycological Field Trips
Upcoming NMMS Field Trips
Field Trip participation is a benefit of NMMS membership. A list of dates and destinations, and space for planning and discussion, are available on the NMMS Members' Forum.

Past Hike & Field Trip Reports

  • Beginning in 2o13, NMMS Field Trips have been posted on the NMMS Members' Forum.
  • Details from earlier years are indexed below.

  • 1997-2012
  • 2o12 / 2o1o / 2oo9 / 2oo8 / 2oo7
    2oo6 / 2oo5 / 2oo4 / 2oo3 / 2oo2
    2oo1 / 2ooo / 1999 / 1998 / 1997

    (There were no NMMS field trips in 2o11.)

    I would hope that those folks desiring to carpool can work that out among themselves. The NMMS Members' Forum is a good place to do that.
    Parking in the Sandias
  • There is a $3 daily parking fee in the Sandias. Those who think they will be frequenting the Sandias might consider purchasing an annual pass for $30 (good for 2 vehicles and valid for a year following the month of purchase) or an Interagency Recreation Pass for $80.
  • For more information visit the Cibola NF webpage: www.fs.fed.us/r3/cibola.
  • In 2oo1 I began including on Field Trip Reports the GPS coördinates (when known) for meeting places and foray sites.
  • For more information go to the GPS Location and GPS/GIS Links pages.
  • Hike Descriptions
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    dmw . 2o16-o2-25