Condition Report
East side of Sandias
18-25 April, 2007

Snow & Mud:
  • Reports from these areas indicate that the snow is receding, or the mud is advancing, depending on one's point of view. As of Wednesday the 25th, the snow line was around 2500 m (8200 ft). There was still more snow than not at the Tree Spring trailhead, which is 2600 m (8500 ft).


  • Wednesday the 25th produced an impressive refruiting of orange jelly fungus Tremella mesenterica, and some Auricularia auricula (wood ears). A few Peziza and other ascomycetes were fruiting on the ground. Still no Caloscypha or Gyromitra.


  • We encountered a couple of bears along the Faulty Trail south of Cienega Canyon. There have been lots of Abert's Squirrels in the Ponderosa areas, and some turkey tracks in the snow near the Tree Spring trailhead.
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