Field Trip Report
East side of Sandias

Saturday, 5 May 2007

  • Field Trip lasted from 08:00 to 11:30.
  • We visited the lower Tree Spring Trail and the upper portion of the Oso Corredor Trail.
  • Elevation range was 2600-2650 m (8500-8700 ft).
  • Map: The area we visited is in the upper left.


  • The ground was fairly dry and snow-free. There were a few small snowbanks in shaded spots.
  • The day was cold and windy, and there were numerous light snow flurries.


  • There were no snowbank fungi, and it's probably about time to give up on finding any. We may still try higher up on the mountain during the next few weeks.
  • We found dried-up Auricularia, one Peziza specimen, and scattered specimens of another ascomycete.


  • Days like this remind us of why it's important to pack warm clothes and rain gear when heading into the mountains.

    Participants: David, Terri, & Seamus Wallis

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