Condition Report
East side of Sandias

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

  • Visited areas from Tree Spring Trailhead to Capulin Peak
  • Elevation range was 2600-2750 m (8500-9000 ft).


  • The ground was moist, and there was still considerable hail left over from recent precipitation.
  • It appeared that, except for residual snowbanks in shady spots, most of the mountail is snow-free.


  • Lots of fresh Auricularia and jelly fungi.


  • 3 bears (one at Tree Spring Trailhead, one farther up the trail, and another on Capulin Peak) and reports from other folks of a 4th. Lots of deer tracks, but nobody in them. Birds included jays, chickedees, and numerous juncos.
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