Condition Report
San Juan Mountains
Southern Colorado
26oo M (85oo ft)
25-28 May, 2oo7

Photo of Discina perlata
- click for larger image
Discina perlata
        Verpa bohemica - click for larger image
Verpa bohemica

Photo of Morchella esculenta, M.elata, and robin egg - click 
for larger image
Morchella esculenta, Robin Egg, and M. elata

Photo of Black Bear footprint - click 
for larger image
Don't Forget Your Fellow Foragers

  • There doesn't appear to be much snow left below 35oo M (11,5oo ft). Runoff is moderate. There seems to have been adequate precipitation during the last month to keep the ground moist.


  • The freshest and most abundant specimens were Verpa bohemica in a habitat heavily drained and thick with willows.
  • Morchella elata/angusticeps (EMC 36) were still fruiting, although all specimens were at the end of--or beyond--their prime.
  • We found a few Pezizas and a nice pair of Discina perlata specimens.
  • We also encountered a surprising number of agarics: a couple of Inocybes, Coprinus micaceous, and a whole bunch of what I think is a Cortinarius.
  • The big surprise was the discovery of Morchella esculenta fruiting in White Fir needle duff--a habitat which also produced M. elata.


  • Mule Deer were abundant to put it mildly. We saw dozens: a few young bucks, but mostly does and yearlings. We saw no spotted fawns, but the hundreds of tracks included some pretty petite hoofprints.
  • Although we saw no bears, there was plenty of sign, including a very fresh track which we photographed Monday morning. (The knife included for scale is 8.5 inches.)
  • We saw no elk, but did encounter a few fresh prints. They're most likely on their way to the higher elevations.
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