Mycological Field Trip
Representative Elevations on the East side of the Sandias
Sunday, 3 June, 2oo7  (afternoon)

  • The primary purpose of this outing is to observe trees and to collect specimens to accompany Mark Kalin's talk the following evening at the NMMS June Meeting. We will certainly keep our eyes open for mycological specimens--and ursine specimens for that matter.
  • We will likely visit elevations from 22oo-325oM (72oo-1o,66o ft) from Doc Longs to the Crest.
  • We plan to meet at Doc Longs at 12:30, possibly spending time in that area before heading uphill.
  • Please contact David Wallis if you plan to participate.
  • This Outing is a field trip for NMMS members, but Mountain Club members, Friends of the Sandias, and USFS folks are welcome to join us.
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