Mycological Field Trip
East side of Sandias
Sunday, 4 May, 2oo8

  • We met at the Doc Long Picnic Area PL at o9:oo, which was very dry. We decided to head up to the the Tree Spring Trailhead area, where we found a few residual melting snowbanks (and corresponding moist areas).
  • Conditions:

  • It was very dry except in shaded areas and near melting snowbanks.


  • We found no ascomycetes. However Andrea found some myxomycete specimens, and I-Ching found an agaric which we identified to acronym: LBM.

  • Notes:
  • This Outing was a mycological field trip for Don Natvig's UNM Fungal Biology class, and along with Andrea Porras-Alfaro, 4 other NMMS members participated as well: Eric & I-Ching Boman and Terri & David Wallis.

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