Mycological Field Trip

Saturday, 19 June 2010
  • Field Trip Report
  • Field Trip will begin at 10:00 and will continue through mid-afternoon.
  • Bring a lunch.
  • Areas to be visited will be around 8500 ft.
  • Meet at the La Cueva at 10:00.
  • Leaders: David & Terri Wallis


  • From Albuquerque, head north on I-25. At Bernalillo turn west on Hwy 44. At San Ysidro, turn right and head north on Hwy 4, through Jemez Pueblo and Jemez Springs to La Cueva. Meet somewhere near the Ridgeback Cafe.
  • From Los Alamos, head west on Hwy 4 past Valle Grande (Valles Caldera) to La Cueva.
  • From Santa Fe, go to Los Alamos, figure out how to get to the other side, and follow instructions from Los Alamos.


  • Our plan is to head from La Cueva west on 126 to FR 376, where we will head south a couple of miles and turn back east on FR 604. We will follow that a short way to our first drainage.
  • From there, we will head back to 126, and may head north a ways on FR 144.
  • For our next destination we will head back to La Cueva and drive on Hwy 4 toward Los Alamos. We will turn south on FR 10 and travel 3 or so miles to another drainage and some other potential collecting areas.
  • From there, those heading back to Los Alamos or Santa Fe can head back to Hwy 4 and be on their merry way. Albuquerqueans can also return to Hwy 4 and head back through La Cueva, or they can continue south on FR 10 through Ponderosa.
  • It will probably be very dry where we're going, but we will visit 2 or 3 sheltered drainages which might have something fruiting.


  • Who knows?
  • If there are no fungi, we will talk a lot about habitat.


  • Sturdy footwear and plenty of drinking water.
  • Raingear is always a good idea, but I suspect we won't need it.
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