Mycological Field Trip
East side of Sandias

Monday, 14 May 2o12

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  • We met at Doc Long's at o9:oo.
  • We then walked on the Bill Spring and Oso Corredor Trails to aq7555 (sg2) and returned by the same route.
  • Elevation Range: 7300-8100 ft

    Route Points (sg2)

  • ap5464 (Doc Long PL)
  • aq9832 (Bill Spr Trail begins climb out of Tejano Canyon)
  • aq8628 (Junction Oso Corredor)
  • aq7555 (Turn-around point on Oso Corredor)

    Conditions: The ground was moist, but it was still evident that it had been pretty dry for a while. The morning remained somewhat overcast and breezy, and it looked as though more rain might have been on its way.

    Fungi: Nada

  • It looks as though the spring season is over in the Sandias, although it wouldn't hurt to re-investigate during the upcoming week or two. The mountains of Santa Fe and the Jemez might be productive, since those areas have had more consistent moisture during the last few weeks.
    dmw . 2o16-o2-25