Date:   4 August 2o1o
From:   Cathy Cripps, Montana State University
  Subj:   WANTED: Suillus on 5-needle pines
We are doing Citizen Science for our 5-needle pine project, and your clubs were selected because you have 5-needle pines in your area: whitebark pine, western white pine, limber pine and/or bristle cone pine. We are doing a restoration project and are looking for Suillus fruiting bodies associated with 5 needle pines.

I am attaching our wanted poster giving more information. Those of you going to NAMA in Colorado can please bring dried specimens to the foray. Others of you can dry and mail them to me---see instructions on back of poster. I will be gone for most of August so cannot reply to emails at that time, but will be back in September.

We are working to help save the 5-needle pines-I hope you can help us!

  • Send specimens to:
    Cathy L. Cripps Ph.D
    Mycologist, Associate Professor
    Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology Department
    119 Plant Biosciences Building
    Montana State University
    Bozeman MT 59717-3150

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