My First Foray
by Dusty
I was so excited on Wednesday as we hooked up the pop up camper and got ready to leave for our first mushroom foray. I couldn't wait to be walking through the forest getting mud on my feet and smelling all the good aromas that mother earth has to offer.

After setting up the camper my dad took both my little sister and me out for a nice hike in order to get a feel for the land. It was a wonderful walk; there were many pretty flowers and mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Thursday: Again we had a nice stomp through the woods.

In the afternoon we anxiously awaited the arrival of other club members. As people arrived my little sister Mia greeted as many guests as she could.

Friday: What can I say about Friday except that I was upset that my parents were not going to take us on the planned trip today.

Saturday: We did get a to go out and hunt for mushrooms. I did not get to go to the tasting but I heard my parents say that everything they tried was delicious. My sister and I did get to go to the bonfire for a while and we met a lot of wonderful people.

As we headed home on Sunday, I was so tired from all the fun I had at the 2o1o Foray that I slept all the way home and dreamt of all the great things I did.

Thank you to everyone that helped make my first Foray one to remember.
jny . 2o15-12-2o

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