Descriptions of Meetings for 2oo8
February 4

Due to suddenly aggressive snowfall, dropping temperatures, and concern that wet streets would become icy, the February Meeting was cancelled.

March 3

Program Description: "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World" is a presentation by Paul Stamets at the 2006 Bioneers Conference. His 30-minute talk includes using fungi for environmental remediation and insect control. He said that the oyster mushrooms used to clean up diesel oil were edible and had no trace of petrochemicals... huge ones in the slide, so they must have enjoyed feeding on the diesel oil.

April 7

For our program we viewed one of Dr. Beug's earlier projects: an electronic slide show named Morels, Truffles, and Other Spring Fungi.

May 5

For our program we viewed a PowerPoint® presentation which Michael Beug has titled "Who's Your Daddy?". In this talk which he presented at last year’s NAMA Conference and again at the NMMS Las Vegas Foray, Dr. Beug evaluates scientific vs. common names, and discusses the frustration related to changes in fungal taxonomy.

June 2

We viewed the Gilled Mushroom portion of our New Mexico Mushroom Slide collection.

July 19

Potluck in Santa Fe

August 4

Sharon Chong provided an overview of Foray etiquette and expectations, and Spencer Campbell talked about the course on Fungi of the Sierra Nevada which he and Libba attended in June.

October 6

Spencer Campbell accompanied his description of the recent Idaho NAMA Foray with a few photos of that event.

Jonathan Caldwell and David & Terri Wallis showed photos and talked about their participation in the Colorado Mycological Society’s RNMP Mycoblitz.

  • November 3

    We elected Officers for 2009 and viewed slides representing the Non-Gilled species of our Common New Mexico Mushrooms.

  • December 13

    Holiday Potluck at Casa de Campbell
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