New Mexico Mycological Society Bylaws
Article I - Name and Status
• The name of the organization is the New Mexico Mycological Society  (NMMS).
• NMMS is a non-profit organization.
• NMMS is affiliated with the North American Mycological Association  (NAMA).

Article II - Purpose
• The purpose of NMMS is to advance the understanding and stimulate the interest of its members in the field of mycology by providing opportunities for study, holding conferences, facilitating cooperative research, arranging forays, exchanging information among members, and interchanging specimens and information with other interested parties and organizations.

Article III - Membership
• Membership is open to any person interested in mycology.
• Every member over eighteen years of age has one vote.
• Members must be current with their dues to receive the benefits of membership.
• Membership categories and dues are explained in the NMMS Handbook

Article IV - Dues
• The Board of Directors shall propose the amount of dues for each fiscal year based on financial obligations.
• The membership will have opportunity to discuss and vote upon any change in dues.
• Membership dues are not refundable.

Article V - Officers and Elections
• The officers of the society include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
• The term of all offices is one year. The president may immediately succeed herself or himself only once.
• Duties of these offices are detailed in the NMMS Handbook.

• A nominating committee appointed by the president shall identify officers for the upcoming year and notify the membership of its recommendations.
• All members will have opportunity to vote either electronically or at the annual meeting.
• Election requires approval of a majority of members who have voted.

Article VI - Board of Directors
• The officers, the Foray Chair, and one other NMMS member, appointed by the president and approved by the officers, constitute the Board of Directors.
• A quorum at meetings of the Board of Directors is a majority of the persons specified above.
• The two past presidents are ex officio members of the Board and are not included in determining a quorum.
• The Board of Directors shall meet at least four times a year at the call of the president.
• The Board of Directors has the duty to develop and approve the administrative and functional policies of NMMS.
• If an elected position is unfilled, the Board of Directors shall ensure that the responsibilities of the position are met.
• The Board of Directors will maintain the NMMS Handbook, a collection of printed and electronic documents, which includes procedures, history, roles and responsibilities. Additions and changes do not require a vote by the membership.

Article VII - Meetings
• The Board of Directors shall set the date and designate the place of all regular, special, and annual meetings.

Article VIII - Committees
• With the approval of the Board of Directors, the president may establish both standing and ad hoc committees and appoint committee chairpersons.

Article IX - Fiscal and Administrative Policies
• No NMMS member may receive a salary but may be otherwise compensated as specified in the NMMS Handbook.
• With the approval of the Board of Directors, any current NMMS member may use NMMS property for a reasonable length of time. NMMS retains ownership of such property.
• In the event of the dissolution of NMMS, within six months the Board of Directors shall liquidate all property and give the remaining funds to the North American Mycological Association.

Article X - Amendments and Revisions
• The NMMS membership must approve any amendments or revisions to the Bylaws.
• The Board of Directors shall notify the membership of any proposed changes, and members will have opportunity to vote on these changes.
• Ratification requires approval of two-thirds of members who have voted.
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