Four Corners Mushroom Club
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  • 4cmc began in 2ooo with the goal of supporting mycology enthusiasts in the Four Corners region. The Four Corners states (az,nm,co,ut) share a commonality. Most, in spite of their large area, have only one NAMA-affiliated mushroom organization for the entire state. (Colorado has two: CMS & PPMS). Most members of these state clubs live in or near the state's primary metropolitan area, which hosts the state club. Each of these states also has a lot of folks who live in smaller towns and rural areas, individuals who would like to meet with others who share an interest in mycology, but don't want to travel "half way across the state" to do so. It is these people I had hoped that 4cmc could support.


  • The original plan when joining 4cmc was for folks to contact me with their name, town, and email address, and I would put that information in a public location, so that other people could contact them. It was basically a bulletin board. That was then.
  • I am now going to request that anyone desiring to join 4cmc become a NAMA member. Existing 4cmc members will be "grandfathered in" under the agreement in place when they joined.  New Folks, join NAMA.
  • Another change is that the publicly available contact list has gone away. To access Contact lists now requires authentication, which I provide only to members.

    What is NAMA?
    I've mentioned NAMA a couple of times already, and you're wondering what that is. NAMA is the North American Mycological Association, which has members across Canada and the U.S., Mexico, and even some in other parts of the world. 4cmc is one of several organizations affilited with NAMA.

    4cmc: Who May Join / How To Join

  • As stated above, those wishing to become a 4cmc member should join NAMA, which they can do at the discounted rate available to members of NAMA-affiliated clubs.
  • Because 4cmc is intended to support mycology enthusiasts in the Four Corners region, I would like to limit further 4cmc membership to folks in NAMA's Region 10, which includes the Four Corners states (az,co,nm,ut) and Wyoming.
  • I strongly suggest that those outside of the Four Corners area investigate other NAMA-Affiliated Clubs.
  • If you wish to join 4cmc, launch me an email message which includes your name, town or city, and state where you live. I will pass this on to NAMA's membership secretary to let her know that you are elegible to join NAMA at the discounted rate.
  • Once I have acknowledged your email, you can Join NAMA Online.

  • When I originated 4cmc fifteen years ago, I planned for it to be a simple, paperless, electronic service, using Email and minimal Webpages to provide information. Although I now request that new 4cmc members pay for NAMA membership, there is no additioanl fee to join 4cmc. There will be no requests for donations nor will I accept such. There also will be no advertizing, although I may choose to suggest the use of certain products or services.

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