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  • 4cmc began in 2ooo with the goal of supporting mycology enthusiasts in the Four Corners region. The Four Corners states (az,nm,co,ut) share a commonality. Most, in spite of their large area, have only one NAMA-affiliated mushroom organization for the entire state. (Colorado has two: CMS & PPMS). Most members of these state clubs live in or near the state's primary metropolitan area, which hosts the state club. Each of these states also has a lot of folks who live in smaller towns and rural areas, individuals who would like to meet with others who share an interest in mycology, but don't want to travel "half way across the state" to do so. It is these people I had hoped that 4cmc could support.


  • Sixteen years after its origination, it's pretty clear that 4cmc has gone nowhere. The "club" was never more than a contact list, a primitive predecessor of Facebook, Meeetup, and other much more elaborate and successful social media sites. Therefore, I have decided to discontinue the 4cmc--perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. I will keep the contact list intact, in case some members have been making use of it to communicate among themselves. It would be misleading, however, to invite additional individuals to join 4cmc. There really is no benefit.

    What are the alternatives?

  • There are a few NAMA-affiliated organization in the Four Corners states, as well as NAMA itself. I encourage those wanting to learn about mycology to investigate one or more of these organizations.


  • The North American Mycological Association has members across Canada and the U.S., Mexico, and even some in other parts of the world. NAMA hosts an Annual Foray as well as regional Forays. It has groups committed to cultivation, education, photography, medicinal mushrooms, and more. I would encourage all interested mushroomer/mycologists to investigate and hopefully join NAMA.

    State/Local Clubs: The Four Corners states each have at least one NAMA-affiliated mycological organization. Visit one or both of the following pages via the links below.

  • MycoWest Clubs Page (affiliated clubs in NAMA Rocky Mountain Region)
  • All NAMA-Affiliated Clubs.

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