David Wallis


• Trustee, Region 10/Rocky Mountain . 2oo1-2oo3, 2o13-2o15*, 2o16-18
• Trustee, NMMS . 1996-1999, 2o15-18
• Trustee, 4cmc . 2ooo-2o23
• Executive Committee . 2oo1-2oo9
• Website Content Manager . 1998-2oo2

• President . 2oo1-2oo2, 2oo5-2oo6, 2o15
• Vice-Pres 1999-2ooo, 2oo9-2o1o
• Secretary . 1997-1999
• News Editor . 1996-2oo2, 2oo7-2o1o
• Communications Committee Chair . 2o15-23
• Foray Committee Chair . 2oo1, 2oo2, 2o1o, 2o12, 2o14, 2o15

* In January 2013, incoming NAMA president David Rust apointed me to serve one year as Regional Trustee to replace Linnea Gilman. Linnea had been the only member from Region X attending the 2012 Annual Foray, and thus ended up electing herself as Trustee. At that time, Linnea was already serving as NAMA Secretary, and she suggested that someone else take on the Trustee role. My agreement with David Rust was to serve just one year (2013), but that stretched out for the entire 3-year term (through 2015). In 2015, I agreed to stand for election for one term more as trustee for the newly-defined Rocky Mountain Region and was elected to serve 2016-2018. I have not been nominated or elected as Regional Trustee beyond 2018.