NMMS Handbook

Membership Categories

Paid Memberships are divided into the following categories:

  • A Regular Member is an individual who is entitled to all the privileges of NMMS.
  • A Family/Household Membership consists of a regular membership plus membership for one additional adult and any children under eighteen years of age who participate in activities of NMMS.
  • The NMMS Board is currently discussing whether to continue offering Student Membership.

    The Board of Directors may grant the following memberships, which confer all the privileges of NMMS, but entail none of the obligations.

  • An Honorary Member is one to whom, for special reason, the Board grants a temporary (1-2 years) membership.
  • A Life Member is one to whom, in recognition of exceptional service to NMMS, the Board grants permanent membership.


  • Regular membership is $20/year
  • Household/Family membership is $30/year  (as of 1 January 2o18)
  • Current NAMA members are elegible for a $5/year discount on dues.

  • Honorary members pay no dues for the period specified by the Board.
  • Life members pay no dues.

  • Updated Membership Forms should be available soon. To join or ask questions about membership, please email the NMMS Treasurer.
    dmw . 2o18-o1-o1