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• NMMS Communications Committee
Chair (and author of this page): David Wallis
Responsibilities & Goals
• This committee determines what means of communication are most practical and beneficial for NMMS members and others who hope to learn about NMMS and mycology in New Mexico. These means may include websites, email lists, printed and/or electronic newsletters, a dedicated telephone number, and social media (Facebook etc.).
• Some committee members will also work on implementing and maintaining the club's communication methods and resources. This could include maintaining the club's website(s) and keeping domain name(s) current.
• This committee will focus on the means of communication, and is not responsible for actively communicating with members or the public. In particular, receiving and responding to inquiries (via USPS, email, phone, etc.) is the responsibility of the NMMS President, Secretary, or some other officer or delegate.

• Late in 2o15, with the approval of the NMMS Board, (then) President David Wallis established a standing Communications Committee, the goals for which are included above. Although, prior to establishment of the committee, some of the committee's members had discussed various aspects of the club's communication, David Wallis first convened the Committee in February of 2o16.

Below is a history of the methods of communication which NMMS has used through the years.

  When I (dmw) joined NMMS in 1995, the primary means of communication was a printed newsletter, published monthly or bi-monthly and mailed to members. I took over the role of News Editor (and publisher) in 1996 and continued through 2oo2. Once I had established a website for NMMS, I posted the newsletters online as well as mailing a printed copy.
  After ceasing publication of the NMMS Newsletter, I continued posting sporadic online news briefs, which I first named the Mycorizon, but soon changed to Boletín. I distributed many issues by email as well.
  In 2oo3, Ann Floyd took on the task of publishing a more substantial newsletter for NMMS. I offered the name Mycorizon for the new publication. Ann continued with that project until soon before her death in 2oo6. Terri Wallis took over the Mycorizon as editor in 2oo7 & 2oo8. I resumed the role of News Editor in 2oo9 and kept the Mycorizon going through that year.
  In 2o13, (then) President Rich Coffel resurrected the Mycorizon, publishing a few issues which were available were the NMMS Members' Forum, but are no longer available.

  In 1998, I (David Wallis) began providing World Wide Web support for NMMS. Initially there were different URLs, but soon I registered the domain name mycowest.org, which I used until 2o13 to support NMMS as well as 4cmc and other myco-related folks and pursuits in our region. In 2o13 I began using NewMexicoMyco.net to provide dedicated web support for NMMS.
  In 2o1o, Jonathan Caldwell set up a second website, NewMexicoMyco.org, which we called the NMMS Member's Forum. Jonathan stated that "the purpose of this site is to provide an interactive element to our club's online presence." Immediately prior to Jonathan's setting up the Forum, NMMS had considered establishing a profile on Meetup.Com, but the Board was concerned that a Meetup presence might provide too much information to the public.
  Towards the end of 2o15, in response to numerous complaints from NMMS members related to their confusion over having multiple websites, Jonathan & I began to discuss consolidating NMMS' web presence on a single website, the URL for which would be NewMexicoMyco.org (the Forum's domain name). This worked toward that goal, although we never fully attained it.

In March of 2o18, the NMMS Board decided to begin using Wild Apricot, a membership management service which also provides web service for its customers.

NMMS Domain Names:
• nmms.wildapricot.org : NMMS' main website
• nmms.info : alias to above
• MycoWest.net : NMMS' old site--still active, with some current and many archived pages.
• NewMexicoMyco.net : currently not used--points to nmms.info

Current Members
These are the folks who are already actively involved with communication support or are available for consultation by the committee.

Jonathan Caldwell: A long-time member of NMMS, Jonathan was the creator and Webmaster for the NMMS Members' Forum: NewMexicoMyco.org. He served as NMMS Vice President some years back, and has been consistantly generous with his time and expertise.
Sharon Chong: Sharon is one of NMMS' most dedicated members, having served NMMS for many years as Treasurer (1998-2o11 & 2o18-2o) and Foray Chair, most recently in 2o22.
Doug Jones: Doug is former Treasurer and current Foray Committee Chair.
Chris Kerns: Chris is past President who has served 3 terms in that office. He is now NMMS Treasurer. When NMMS set up its newest website on WildApricot, Chris took on the role of Webmaster on that site.
Lauren Matsui: Lauren has served as appointed member-at-large on the NMMS Board and also contributed as a co-chair of the Foray Committee. Since joining NMMS just a few years ago, she and Chris Enright have dedicated considerable energy to the club.
Benjamin Snow: Benjamin is a fairly new NMMS member who has offered to support NMMS by taking on the Webmaster role.
David Wallis: David has been Webmaster for various websites supporting NMMS and was also content manager for NAMA's website (namyco.org) from 1998-2oo2. He also served as NMMS News Editor 1996-2oo2 and again in 2oo8-2oo9).

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