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• NMMS Foray Committee
Chair : Doug Jones
Responsibilities & Goals
• The Foray Committee's purpose is to plan and implement the Annual NMMS Foray for current and future years. The committee's tasks include (but are not limited to) establishing Foray dates, selecting the site, contracting with the venue management, arranging for meals, and recruiting and contracting with Foray Mycologist(s).
• The Foray Committee will maintain an inventory of Foray supplies such as cloth bags, wax bags, field slips, &c.
• Maintaining a list of all NMMS assets and their current locations is the responsibility of the Treasurer. Those assets include equipment (projector, dehydrators, &c) which the club uses in conjunction with the Annual Foray, so the Foray Committee and Treasurer should communicate about these assets.

• Prior to 2o15, the NMMS president would appoint a Foray Chair at the beginning of each year. The chairperson could then select additional committee members and begin planning that year's Foray.
• Recognizing the importance of beginning Foray planning as much as a year in advance, in 2o15 (then) president David Wallis established a standing Foray Committee. The significance of this was there is no longer a need for the president to appoint a Foray chair each year. A member can serve as chair for multiple years, a new person can move into the position at any time, and the Foray Committee itself will not be defined by a particular year.
• At the time of the Board's approval, Jean Hafner offered to take over as Foray Committee chair from Terri Wallis, who had been in charge of planning and implementing the 2o15 Sipapu Foray. Jean continued through 2o16, which included a successful Foray in Taos.
• At the end of January 2o17, Jim Werbel took over the chair role and remained through the successful completion of that year's Foray in Sipapu.
• In September of 2o17, Chris Kerns announced that he and Doug Kerns would co-chair the Foray Committee. Early in 2o18, Doug took a hiatus from the committee, but returned in time to contribute significantly to that year's Red River Foray. Chris continued as chair through the implementation of the 2o19 Taos Foray.
• In September of 2o19, Dylan Martin took on the task of chairing the Foray Committee and filled that until the end of 2o21. The plan for 2o2o was to hold the Annual Foray in Santa Fe, which would have been a first. Unfortunately, the committee decided to cancel the Foray due to Covid precautions. There was also no regular Foray in 2o21. However, NMMS did organize 2 days of outings targeting Pecos, Santa Fe Ski Area, Jemez, and the Sandias.
• In December of 2021, Lauren Matsui and Sharon Chong signed on as Committee co-Chairs. After 2 years (2020 & 2021) without a traditional Foray, in 2022 NMMS returned to the Sagebrush Inn in Taos, with the most-attended Foray in the club's history (81+ attendees).
• Following the 2022 Foray, Jan Bandrofchak took on the title of Foray Chair, and most Committee members resigned. In 2023 a newly formed committee held a Foray in Los Alamos. Despite that year's very dry conditions, attendence was about 90, exceding the previous year's record.
• 2024: Doug Jones volunteered to Chair the Foray Committee, and is planning a Foray for Taos in June of this year.

List of NMMS Forays   (1995-present)
Table of NMMS Officers and Foray Chairs

Current Members of Foray Committee
Doug Jones. former Treasurer, current Foray Chair
Chris Kerns. Treasurer, past president, and former Foray Chair

Former Members
Dylan Martin. past Foray Chair
David Wallis. past President and Chair during several Forays
Lauren Matsui. 2022 co-Chair
Sharon Chong. 2022 co-Chair, former Treasurer and Chair for several earlier Forays
Terri Wallis. former Treasurer and Foray Chair
Catherine Williamson (January-October 2o22)
Jean Hafner. past Foray Chair
David Augustyniak. past President
• Barbara Marigold. past Foray Chair
• Mark Kalin. past President
• Chris Enright. past VP
Jan Bandrofchak. Past President, Foray Chair 2023
• Jim Werbel. Foray Committee Chair Feb-Aug 2o17

Past Foray Mycologists
• Jack States
Michael Beug
Jay Justice
Britt Bunyard
• Walt Sundberg
Vera Evenson
David Lewis
Rick Kerrigan
Harry Thiers
Harold Keller
Tom Volk
Nancy Smith Weber
Rob Reinsvold
Uno Eliasson
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