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• Treasurer
The responsibilities of NMMS Treasurer's office include, but are not limited to:
• Maintain NMMS' finances.
• Maintain a current list of all members, their contact information, and membership status.
• Remind members when annual dues are to be paid. Treasurer may ask the club Secretary to take on or help with this task.
Note: In 2018, NMMS changed the membership year to July 1 - June 30 of the following year. This was in part to allow members to combine annual dues and Foray payments.
• Send payment to NAMA for NMMS' affiliation fee ($35 per year - up from $30 beginning 2022). This also occurs at the end of each year (or the very beginning of the year being paid).
• Maintain a list of all NMMS assets and their current locations. Assets include equipment (projector, dehydrators, &c) as well as supplies (primarily books).
Note: Maintaining an inventory of Foray supplies such as cloth bags, wax bags, field slips, &c) is the responsibility of the Foray Committee. However, the Treasurer and Foray Committee chair should communicate about these assets.
• Provide a current financial report at all Board meetings and be prepared to provide such information at general meetings.
• The Treasurer usually serves as Registrar for the Annual Foray, but that task may be delegated to another member.
• Due to the nature and demands of the Hospitality Committee, the Treasurer would preferably Chair that committee. However, the Treasurer or Board can delegate that responsibility to another member.

Book Sales have long been a grey area of responsibility. The Treasurer can be responsible for maintaining an inventory and selling new books, or this task can be delegated to another member of the Hospitality Committee. For that matter, book sales could potentially fall under the pervue of--or be shared by--the Program/Education and Foray Committees. Whoever is in charge of book sales and inventory needs to actively communicate with the Treasurer.

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