NMMS Handbook
Officers & other Board Members
• President
The responsibilities of NMMS President's office include, but are not limited to:
• Preside over all regular and special NMMS meetings.
• Ensure that a meeting schedule is in place for the upcoming year.
• Work with the chair of the Program & Education Committee, as needed, to plan the content (programs &c) of those meetings.
• Convene the Board for at least four board meetings per year.
• Communicate with NMMS members and the public, or delegate these tasks to other members who will ensure they are addressed.
• Ensure that NMMS' financial responsibilities are met.
• Actively communicate with chairpersons of all standing and ad hoc committees, delegating responsibilities as needed and acting on requests and reports from these committees.
• As necessary, serve as liaison between committee chairs and the NMMS Board.
• Establish a Nominating Committee or appoint a chairperson for that committee. This should be done by September (no later that October) of each year. The Annual Meeting is normally in November, and the nominees for the following year's offices should be identified by that time.

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