Educational Resources

Mushrooms of Colorado ~ Vera Evenson. This is Vera's first book about CO mushrooms. It is now out of print, but a great resource if you can find a used copy.
Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region ~ Vera Evenson. An updated version of the above book. This is probably the best general reference for higher elevation macrofungi of Colorado and New Mexico.
The Essential Guide to Rocky Mountain Mushrooms by Habitat ~ Cathy Cripps, Vera Evenson, Michael Kuo. While not intended as an identification tool, this book is a wonderful guide to our area's various macro-habitats and some of the fungi & plants which one is likely to find.
Mushrooms Demystified ~ David Arora's "big book," this is the one to leave in your car while you head into the field to collect specimens. You will be as happy that you left it behind as you will be when you find it waiting upon your return. Although the author focusus somewhat on West Coast fungi, he is no stranger to the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest. This book is a must for the library of any dedicated mushroom identifier.
All that the Rain Promises and More ~ This is David Arora's "little book" and serves in part as a companion volume to Mushrooms Demystified described above. While not an ideal field guide, it is very portable and an entertaining and useful tool on its own. You will find that many mushroom enthusiasts will own--and carry--this little publication and refer to it regularly.
100 Edible Mushroms ~ Michael Kuo.
Mushroms of the Pacific Northwest ~ Steve Trudell & Joe Ammirati.

Websites ~ Michael Kuo. Our go-to site for macrofungi identification.
  : Collecting Mushrooms for Study
MykoWeb ~ Mike Wood. Dating back to 1995, this is one of the earliest macrofungi-related websites. Although its focus is on mushrooms of California and the West Coast, it is nonetheless an excellent resource for those outside of that region. Lots of photos.
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There are inumerable books and websites related to mushroom identification. The above list, which is intentionally short, features the ones we use most to aid in learning the macrofungi of Colorado and New Mexico.
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