Foray Report #1

Final results were 120 specimens vouchered: 118 identified to genera with 68 identified to species; two were worked to the last minute by Vera, Rosa-Lee and Walt -- tentative identification of one; Vera took a sample of the other to work on some more. Lisa photographed all 120 with their collection slips, and Libba put specimens and slips in dehydrators. Sharon and Jonathan helped complete the computer records and added some dandy features such as backing up the work. Jonathan, David, and we have copies of the accession number files. David will have some work as Obermappenfuehrer on the specimen locations -- which exhibited a little of everything: GPS, field trip name or number, "White Mountains, AZ," "Santa Fe yard grass," "moss," to nothing; only 8 or so specimens had GPS coordinates and field trip identifiers. Jim Place was general factotum and damn good at it -- he estimated we had 30 or so collections that were tossed (duplicates of poorer quality, incomplete collection slips, etc.) We had everything in the dehydrators by 6 PM Sunday and then shooed the mycologists out.

We opened up the rooms Monday at 10 AM and, with Jim, finished bagging the collections by 1100, and then helped David pack and stow the last of the NMMS stuff.  We were on the road by 1130 -- David was still saying farewell to Walt and Fran.

Some of polypores and puffballs looked as if they could use some more dehydrator time so Libba started them off Monday afternoon and they'll "cook" until Wednesday. Next all will be frozen for about two weeks to take care of any insect infestation and then will be ready for turnover to the UNM Herbarium after we get the slime molds from Ted that he took to photograph and ID.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts on behalf of the vouchering.
Best regards, Spencer Campbell (26 August 2009)
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